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Laser Options

More options are available and will be added to the website shortly.

BOFA Laser Fume Extractor Unit

BOFA  Laser Fume Extractor Unit

Photograv Photo Engraving Software

Photograv Photo Engraving Software

Dual Laser Configuration

Dual Laser Configuration

Heat Alarm Detector

Heat Alarm Detector

Laser Engraving Rotary Axis

Laser Engraving Rotary Axis

Nova 35 Laser Cutting Machine

Nova 35 Laser Cutting Machine
  • 900*600mm Working Area
  • Servo System
  • Alarm Lamp
  • Low Noise Accessories
  • Pass-through Door Design
  • Accurate Time Estimation
  • 3D Engraving
  • 1000mm/s speed
  • 60-100w Laser Power
  • Smart Board
  • Auto Focus
  • Motorized Table
  • Red Dot pointer
  • High Resolution
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Laser Application

Laser engraving and laser cutting, 3D engraving

Thunder Laser systems can work on many kinds of materials like acrylic, wood, fabric, leather, rubber,plastic,painted metals and more. Our systems can even engrave 3D relief to wood and by using the HR head, you can even mark on part of metal directly!

Why Thunderlaser

Thunder laser, as a professional provider of laser system, by embracing the latest technology, is continuing to develop faster, higher quality, longer lasting laser systems that can better meet your needs
If you want to know why you should choose a Thunder laser system, there are so many reasons.

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