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Heat Alarm Detector

Heat Alarm Detector


Heat Alarm Detector


The thermal detector is designed specifically for use in higher risk fire environments, it does not respond to smoke, rather it gives a loud audible alarm if it detects a rapid increase in temperature,  which is ideal for use with the laser cutter and engraver, the small thermal heat detector is about the size of golf ball(41 x 41x 40mm), and also has a 10 year, long life battery. All machines have a risk of fire due to the nature of how a laser machine works. All it takes is a small piece of board to catch under the laser head and you have a potential fire hazard. This will give you an audible warning if there is a rapid rise in temperature enabling you to address the issue rapidly avoiding a costly machine fire.
One particular manufacturers machine is more prone to this issue than the rest we have encountered, I personally know of 4 machines of the same manufacturer that have caught fire with disastrous results, It is not just the material that can catch fire, it can spread through the machine destroying all the wiring, optics and getting hot enough to melt aluminium extrusions. See image below from a few years ago……
This all happened in the time it took to take a phone call, a few minutes more and we could have lost a lot more than the machine.
The small thermal heat detector is about the size of golf ball (41 x 41x 40mm), and also has a 10 year, long life battery. and fits inside the machine
Worth a consideration if you plan on more than one machine.
  1. 10 year of long life battery
  2. A penetrating sound at 85 db(A) at 3 meters
  3. 10 minute pause
  4. Unique smart clip ceiling mechanism
  5. Aesthetically pleasing
  6. Environmentally friendly

Laser Application

Laser engraving and laser cutting, 3D engraving

Thunder Laser systems can work on many kinds of materials like acrylic, wood, fabric, leather, rubber,plastic,painted metals and more. Our systems can even engrave 3D relief to wood and by using the HR head, you can even mark on part of metal directly!

Why Thunderlaser

Thunder laser, as a professional provider of laser system, by embracing the latest technology, is continuing to develop faster, higher quality, longer lasting laser systems that can better meet your needs
If you want to know why you should choose a Thunder laser system, there are so many reasons.

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