How to Choose a Reliable Laser Cutter

About Thunder Laser UK

Laser engraving and laser cutting, 3D engraving
Thunder Laser systems can work on many kinds of materials like acrylic, wood, fabric, leather, rubber,plastic,painted metals and more. Our systems can even engrave 3D relief to wood and by using the HR head, you can even mark on part of metal directly!

Why Thunder Lasers

Thunder laser, as a professional provider of laser system, by embracing the latest technology, is continuing to develop faster, higher quality, longer lasting laser systems that can better meet your needs
If you want to know why you should choose a Thunder laser system, there are so many reasons.

Thunder Laser Systems

Thunder Laser offer a complete Laser Solution to suit your individual requirements. You tell us what you want to do and we'll provide the Answer.

Nova 24 Lite

£4,995 inc vat

Nova 24

£8,995 inc vat

Nova 35

£11,995 inc vat

Nova 51

£13,995 inc vat

Nova 63

£16,995 inc vat

Odin 22

£11,995 to £16,495 inc vat

Odin 32

£15,495 to £16,995 inc vat

Accessories Available

We keep a full range of Laser Accessories in stock, everything from Anti-Freeze to Lenses.


Water Chiller

Laser Tubes

Heat Detector

Rotary Attachemnt

Extraction System

Professional Support

Once you have purchased your Thunder Laser, you will have our full support and guidance, as you learn to use your machine and the software. If you opt to have your Laser installed, your engineer will guide you through the operations and answer any questions you may have. In addition to this we also offer a complimentary half day's training here at our workshop* as part of our commitment to ensuring that you are confident in using your Thunder Laser . Our team are also available to answer your emails and calls if you should need further assistance and advice going forward.

Remote Support

Facts and Questions


Request Free Quote

Send your request using the form and you will get a free estimation.

    Request Free Quote

    Send your request using the form and you will get a free estimation.


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