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Our experience with laser cutting is first hand. Daisymoon Designs Ltd – The Lasercut Factory have been cutting laser cut shapes for the craft industry for over ten years. We are proud to be at the forefront of the laser cutting industry, with our designs becoming the model for other laser cutting companies to follow. As such, our experience with laser machines is continuous; we run our laser machines 364 days of the year (we have been known to stop on Christmas Day!). As the trend for wood cut shapes continues to grow, we have now become the UK distributor for Thunder Laser. These are our preferred laser cutting machines – we use them, we repair them, we have built our business with them. Talk to us about building your own business with our Thunder Lasers.. we have the experience, the passion and the creativity to bring your ideas to laser cut reality.

Check out our website Daisymoondesigns.co.uk to see just a small part of what a Thunder Laser can do for you. Call our chief Laser cutting guy, Wayne, to talk about what you want your laser to do for you.

Check out our computer section for the latest deals on top spec laptops and PC’s, or we can build a machine to your specification with our new computer configurator.

We can now offer upgrade and repairs on many other brands of laser cutting machines and engravers, after our upgrading and modifications most machines will perform better than when they were new, call for details.

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